Nov 20 2006

Equipment list for planned primitive "expedition" to Hitra.

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I have now compiled a list of the equipment I will bring on my expedition to Hitra next summer. Objects may be added or removed as my planning develops.


  • Flint knife.

  • A core for flakes.

  • Knapping equipment.

  • Antler axe.

  • Throwing sticks (not that I will be using them).

  • Fishing line.

  • Fishing hooks.

  • Some string.

  • Beaver tooth knives.

  • Some sinew.

  • Buckskin scraps.

  • Hide scraper.

  • Needles.

  • Pike skin tinder pouch.

Need to be made:

  • Barbs for a fishing spear.

  • Bow and arrows (not that I will use those either).

  • A loincloth of grass or fibres as I don’t have any hides (to not scare the German tourists).

  • More fishing lines and hooks.

  • Bone knife.

  • Pouch of elk (moose) ear for storing fibres and string.

  • Packframe.

  • Big container of either grass or bark.

  • Maybe a few smaller containers.

  • Maybe a birch bark kettle.

  • Maybe a small net.

Non primitive stuff:

  • To make the learning experience better I will bring relevant identification books.

  • Mobile phone. To call my girlfriend every once in a while.

  • Camera and batteries. I need to take some pictures for the blog.


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3 Responses to “Equipment list for planned primitive "expedition" to Hitra.”

  1. sam_acwon 20 Nov 2006 at 11:35 pm

    Do you have the book “Practicing Primitive” by Steven Watts? It has a great section on expedition kit from an applied primitive skills course on page 196.
    Just got to wait till I’ve found some flint…

  2. torjusgaarenon 21 Nov 2006 at 9:53 am

    Yes, I do. Thanks, I had a look on it. Their and my list is quite similar. There are a few things they include that I will not include, like rain gear and sleeping mat. I will improvise, maybe even spend time weaving a cloak for shedding the rain. Sleeping mat will be made on the spot of natural materials.

    About flint. How far are you from the Baltic Sea? There is probably plenty of flint there. Stone age people used to trade quite a bit as you know. In Norway there is no flint, but there is still flint pretty much throughout the archeological record.

  3. sam_acwon 21 Nov 2006 at 11:28 am

    I’m probably 800km from the Baltic! According to there are a few places local to me – I just have to find them!

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