Nov 19 2006

My primitive gear

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I was going to post this tomorrow, but being of a rather impatient nature I decided I wanted to do it today. Not all of the equipment on display is relevant to the trip I am planning. Some of it has been made for the bow I am planning on making this winter and some of it is winter gear. And it does not include a few things such as my sling, which I was unable to find and my coracle, which is spending the winter in the forest.

Picture number one is of my hide bag (1.) where I carry most of my smaller tools. It is made of brain tanned roe deer hide. The two sticks (2.) are throwing sticks for killing small game. Very effective, or at least, so they say…. Made from rowan.

Picture number two is of most of my stuff.
1. A string for bowdrill. Twisted from sinew.
2. Braided fishing line from nettle.
3. Sinker, just a long stone.
4. Two fishing hooks. The big one is of birch, the small one of sheep bone.
5. Three fishing hooks and a spoon lure. One of the hooks is composite (aspen, sinew and halibut bone). Two are made from reindeer antler. The spoon lure is made from elk (moose) antler, with an elk (moose) antler barb attached. All of them have leaders attached.
6. Bowstring of sinew.
7. 3 wedges of elm wood.
8. Bone arrow head.
9. Three pieces of antler to be made into barbs of a fishing spear (unfinished)
10. Pike hide bag.
11. Leader of nettle.
12. Double axe of red deer antler. Worked well, despite a rather thin handle of wild rose. Needs a lot of repair (grinding.
13. Two beaver tooth knives.
14. Two needles. One from a leg bone of duck. One is reindeer antler.
15. Hare snare of sinew.
16. Flint knife with reindeer antler handle. Birch bark sheath.
17. Wish bone hook. Bone is from ptarmigan.
18. Pressure flaker. Split from reindeer antler.
19. Pressure flaker/hammer. Elk (moose) antler.
20. Wedge of elk antler.
21. Four flint arrow heads.
22. Rimmed birch bark eating bowl. A little assymetrical and cracked.
23. Antler axe of red deer antler.
24. Unfinished arrow point of antler.
25. Two celts of pecked and ground stone. One finished and one not.
26. Reindeer antler needle blank.
27. (Two of them it seems, this one is the left one.) Blank of reindeer antler, half finished ice pick.
27. Unfinished deer snare.
28. Elk (moose) antler axe. Big and heavy. Needs a shaft and more grinding.
29. Soon to be split out antler wedge. Elk (moose).

Two hoops to be made into two survival bear paws. No fancy stuff, just to keep afloat. I will make better ones another time.


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  1. Hon 19 Nov 2006 at 11:31 pm

    Nice gear torjus! I’m inspired to collect and make stone age gear and practice skills as well.


  2. torjusgaarenon 20 Nov 2006 at 11:23 am

    Thank you Gunnix

    Good for you! I find it very rewarding to be able to make everything from scratch. It gives a sense of freedom. 🙂

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