Nov 24 2006

Simple Snowshoes Update

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There has been some progress on the snowshoes from a previous picture. If I had any elk (moose) hide left I would have had a go on some proper weaving. In lack of that I used some split arrow shaft blanks of wild rose. The reason why I am using them for this instead of for arrows, is because I have started processing them while fresh. These are dried and extremely hard to work with stone tools. The lashing is backstrap sinew.

This style of snowshoes is quite close to the traditional Scandinavian style.

After the hoop is made, the next task is to groove the sticks so they can be broken in a controlled fashion.

The sticks are split with an antler wedge.

Some splits are tied on. Make sure they are tied on properly. Sinew isn’t ideal as it stretches when wet, but I have little choice as there isn’t much plantfibre around now.

The sticks going under the foot are tied down. For additional strength, I will tie the crosspoints soon. After that, I have to make some cordage to tie the shoe on with.


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