Dec 23 2006

Antler Axe Repairs

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Antler axes work wonderfully when sharp. A newly sharpened axe chops down wrist thick trees in short order. But they don’t keep their edge very well. Also there is the risk of more major chipping and splitting, making labourious repairs neccesary.

My double edged antler axe has one edge that is too weak, even after a recent major reparation it has now cracked and chipped again. The other edge holds up well, but I have decided to rework this axe into a tranchet axe as soon as I get hold some decent sized good flaking stone for the bit. This photo shows the too thin wall of hard material on the right side, which is the bit. If you look closely you may also see that the edge has cracked and chipped.

Another development on this front is that the big antler axe on this photo finally has been ground to a usable bevel, even if it still is a little broad.


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