Dec 17 2006

Bone Needle

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Made a new bone needle yesterday. The bone is one of the bones connected to the toes on the elk (moose). It was cleaned with a flake and reduced in lenght by abrading on the edge of my abrading stone.

The bone has the approximate shape of a needle, but is too tapering. The bone is abraded narrower and is cut even a little shorter to a better length.

Though you can drill the hole after finishing it, I prefer to do it before, in case my drilling doesn’t hit dead centre. It can be done with either a hand drill or a simple flake. I used the latter method on this particular needle. Drill from both sides and carefully join the holes with an awl.

The needle is finished by scraping it with a flake (more like a block this one) and rounding the edges. This particular needle ended up a little too thick in the rear end for my taste, but to not compromise the strenght of the eye I couldn’t go much narrower.


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