Dec 02 2006

Ice Fishing Stick Update

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Today I drilled the hole for tying the thread. Here is the materials of the drill:
– Wild rose hand drill shaft. This one was previously used for fires, but is notched to recieve the flint tip.
– Flint tip. This a very worn one. And has been reworked several times.
– Reindeer sinew.

The bit of this drill was rather broad. So, instead of ending up with a giant hole, I drilled from both sides. The problem is however, to align both of the holes so they hit eachother in centre. It isn’t as hard as it may seem. By drawing or eysighting from two sides you will get the pretty much exact coordinates on where to place the drill on the other side.

When I sense that the holes from either side are pretty close, I puncture the remaining gap with an awl. I had no bone awl available (should be on my todo list) so I used a sharp leftover piece from making the ice pick. The hole may be hard to spot, but if you zoom in you will barely see it. Pretty much just big enough to my fishing line.

To compensate for the short and rather unsubstantial post today, I will post on how to prepare nettle fibres later this evening. A topic I know a lot of people is struggeling with.


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