Dec 04 2006

Legalities in regards to primitive living in Norway.

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Hunting and trapping

Hunting is the more of a dark chapter when it comes to primitive living here in Norway. Hunting with anything except a gunpowder driven gun is illegal.

Trapping is slightly better, but the restrictions are numerous. Any trap is illegal unless else is stated. Using a snare is only legal on ptarmigan and only in some municipals. Deadfalls are legal on pine marten, mink and weasel. For anything else you need modern traps. And all traps have to be marked with ownership (probably so you can be prosecuted when you catch someone’s dog…).

And of course, you need the landowner’s permission to trap. And that can easily be expensive, except if he has virmin he wants to rid himself of. Any hunter/trapper also has to take a test first to be allowed to hunt. The permit lasts for life, but you need to pay a fee to the government each year and you are obliged to report once a year on whatever you have caught.

To sum it up. You are in Norway allowed to catch four species of game with primitive equipment: Ptarmigan, pine marten, mink and weasel.

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