Dec 12 2006

Rock shelter

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Where I come from, in a very good strategically good place, there is a very old rock shelter. As the spot is very hard to find and is located it very difficult terrain I had to search a lot to find it. Only a few people knew it existed and no one knew the exact location any more.

The shelter is situated almost at the top of the valley side, in the middle of old pine/spruce forest and only a short walk from prime hunting and fishing grounds. When it was first used I don’t know, but I know it was used by my grandfather in quite recent times. On one side, small and flat rocks have been stacked up to make a wall where there was none. This wall has deteriorated in time. In the far end there is a natural chimney.

One of my brothers and I decided to improve upon this shelter. We brought with us two pieces of reindeer antler to work with and started digging into the floor of the shelter. Within the dirt there was plenty of flat rocks, some which we used to repair the wall and some which we used to build an improved chimney. We originally planned to build it into an earth-lodge, but we have pretty much given up the idea as it is an excellent one or two person shelter as it is. As you can see on the photo, it is now much higher under the roof than it used to and very cozy indeed. We have yet to try it, but maybe some time next year.


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