Jan 02 2007

Black Grouse Wing Bone Call

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Laje said that he had heard about making a call from the wing bones of a black grouse. It is supposed to work when calling hazel grouse. Not knowing how it is supposed to look like I decided to take the design from the turkey wing bone call.

The three largest bones in one wing makes up the structure of this call. The ends are sawed off with a serrated flake to produce three tubes.

The broken ends are ground even.

Stake the tubes free of marrow so you can blow through them.

Amazingly these three bones fit very well into eachother. If you can’t get it through you may have to shorten off a little more of the irregular ends. At least I had to.

Finally smear the splices with hot pitch to seal the the joints.

I assume all wing bones of birds will make similar calls, but the sounds may be completely different it seems. This call sounds nothing like hazel grouse, so it is obviously the wrong design, but if you suck the air in and allow your lips to vibrate it sounds a little like deer I think. I will hopefully get into the forest and test that theory on Thursday.


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