Jan 27 2007

Composite Fishing Hook

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The composite hook has two advantages over the one piece hook: It’s easier to make and the point doesn’t soften up and become limp in the same way. It’s main disatvantage though, is that you can’t thread worms onto it. Below: The wood and the halibut bone.

For this particular hook I used a piece of split and dried rowan, a halibut bone (for the barb) and sinews for binding. This binding has to be waterproofed however, so I am looking to replace it with spruce rootlets in the spring. Below: The barb fitted onto the wood.

Carve the lower end to fit the barb.

Thin the rest of the hook and bind it, but sinew can’t be bound in the same way as roots, which is much more elegant. I will show how to do that later.


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