Jan 30 2007

Pack Frame Update

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Larch is not found naturally in Norway, but since I (unfortunately) live in a city at the moment, a lot of trees that are not natural is to be found there. Since larch was used on the original, I decided to go for this tree.

Larch is supposed to be exeptionally easy to split. That has to be trees with denser growth rings than this specimen. This one was quite hard to split properly, but the results were satisfactory. There was also a slight twist in the grain. But not more than I was able to even out on the planing.

Here my daughter seems to be working on something. Maybe she has some plans for the split log too.

Planing the planks thin and even takes a lot of time. Much more than one would expect it to. I used the big flakes I got from Kevin as drawknives and planers, alternating sides avoid digging into the twisted grain.

The ends were evened and notches were cut. To make sure that the frame isn’t going to spread, one of the two boards are notched.

The only remaining task is now to mortise the frame and lash on the boards.


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