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Jan 28 2007

New Book Review

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A new book review is up in the book reviews section. The book is “Survival Skills of the North American Indians” by Peter Goodchild.

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Jan 28 2007

Hare Snare

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An update on the deadfalls. The trap that didn’t collapse last time had done so now, but there was no animal there. I don’t know whether the trap wasn’t heavy enough to kill it outright, if the squirrel managed to dodge the trap or whether a predator has taken my quarry. If it hadn’t snowed so heavily the last days I’d probably see it from the tracks, but they were all gone. I reset the trap a little higher up and with a paiute trigger instead of a figure 4.

This is staged, the noose is too small and too high up, but you get the idea. There seems to be virtually no hares in around this city. Probably due to everyone walking their dogs.

Over a hare trail, find a branch of decent thickness, break off the branches and the top.

Tie a forked stick to a standing tree, or break a suitable branch standing in a good position.

Tie the noose to the the bent down tree. Stretch it out with two small sticks.

When the hare struggles to get loose, the bent branch pops out and tightens the snare even more. If you have sufficient lenght on the bent over tree, the whole hare might become suspended. Below: The triggered snare.

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Jan 27 2007

Composite Fishing Hook

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The composite hook has two advantages over the one piece hook: It’s easier to make and the point doesn’t soften up and become limp in the same way. It’s main disatvantage though, is that you can’t thread worms onto it. Below: The wood and the halibut bone.

For this particular hook I used a piece of split and dried rowan, a halibut bone (for the barb) and sinews for binding. This binding has to be waterproofed however, so I am looking to replace it with spruce rootlets in the spring. Below: The barb fitted onto the wood.

Carve the lower end to fit the barb.

Thin the rest of the hook and bind it, but sinew can’t be bound in the same way as roots, which is much more elegant. I will show how to do that later.

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Jan 26 2007

Checking the Traps Again.

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Due to a lot of work at school, my traps have been down for quite a while. I have now changed trapping location as I have found a place teeming with squirrels. A few days ago I set two deadfalls, both of them had signs of disturbance today. One had collapsed, but still rested on the upright stick, because of improper setting. A true newbie mistake… Below: See what I mean?

Here the trap is ready for action again.

The other one was obviously not sensitive enough, and the squirrels had eaten off the bait without releasing the trap. Below: Tracks from one of the squirrels who have had a feast on my almonds.

I am starting to become a little annoyed by the lack of sensitivity of the figure four trigger. Because of that I set a new trap, this time with the paiute trigger. It seems likely that I will more or less start using this trigger type on the nible squirrels. The stability of the figure four will however still be useful when trapping fox and other large animals. Below: A deadfall set with the paiute trigger.

In addition to this, the prototype trap was set to carry out the field tests.

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Jan 25 2007

Antler Dagger

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I always have plenty of antler tines and other leftover pieces that lie around unused. Being a little busy these days, I thought making an antler dagger, more or less like in the movie Braveheart would be a good idea. Below: The antler piece soaking.

First I split away most of the soft core.

The rest was carved away with one of the big, nice flakes I have traded for some sinew. Thank you Kevin.

The tip was abraded on a stone and the sharpest edges rounded in a similar fashion.

It may not look that much like a dagger, but has more the function of a primitive fighting glove. I expect it would do serious damage.

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