Aug 03 2007

Sailing with a Viking Boat

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Yesterday I was out on my second sailing with the small viking boat called “femkjeipingen” because of it has room for 5 rowers. This is a very quick boat, even for one person to row, so I imagine it would be excellent with five. Sailing is however of course more desirable. The wind this time was almost absent and changed direction all the time, but at the end of the trip we had very good wind. With it’s large single sail this boat is very quick, but two people is really too little as you need more people to redistribute the weight in the boat as needed.

I sat on the rodder, while Flurin, a travelling blacksmith from Switzerland sat in the front. Note that this photo was taken when the wind conditions were less than optimal.

This is a boat I WANT! But I guess I have to make myself a large currach to sail instead.

Here is a photo of the chieftain’s hall taken from distance.


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