Aug 10 2007

Summing Up the Stay at Lofotr

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For six weeks have I now worked as a craftsman at the Lofotr Viking Museum and I am now back in Trondheim. The total production of items (during work hours) was:

  • 3 needles of whale bone.
  • 1 needle of elk (moose) antler.
  • 1 large fishing hook of cow bone.
  • 1 medium sized fishing hook of elk (moose) antler.
  • 1 engraved cloak pin of cow bone.
  • 1 netting needle of cow bone.
  • 1 engraved button of whale tooth.
  • 1 coracle/currach.
  • 2 hide scrapers of reindeer (caribou).
  • 1 small engraving knife of iron.
  • 3 slate sharpening stones.
  • Hafting for a bowdrill bit of iron.

Unfinished projects:

  • 4 metres of a 50 metres long salmon net of linen.
  • A composite antler comb (reindeer/caribou antler).

Not much may some say, but keep in mind that this museum has on average around 500-700 visitors per day, making questions from the public a major occupation.

Some of the projects on the photo below.

A closeup of the cloak pin. Poor quality because of the bad light in the house.

The museum owns three viking boats. This is the larges one. Note the new horse head in the front, carved by Doreen Wehrhold.

Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to go back next year to finish the unfinished projects + do a number of new ones.


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  1. Eileen Murray Thompson Campbellon 11 Aug 2013 at 11:57 pm

    You are doing a great job and what is better still you love your job. Will follow you with great interest. Best wishes to you all. X

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