Aug 23 2007

This Blog, Me and the Project.

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Being interested in traditional skills and outdoors life, stone age living is the natural symbiosis. I’ve always been a rather extreme person. While other people may be satisfied with testing this from time to time, that just isn’t enough for me. The project is to get by with only stone age skills and tools. As I don’t have yet all of the natural gear constructed I will make more and within a year I’ll hopefully have replaced all or most of the modern gear with things made from natural materials.

The project idea for me didn’t originally include blogging the experience, but since I heard about blogging via the mobile phone I thought some people might be interested to hear how it is to live the way we humans are supposed to.

This blog is primarily not for the skills themselves, but is on the daily life, emotions and similar stuff. My other blog is unmaintained by me, but still contains a lot of skill demonstrations.


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