Oct 19 2007

Plucking, Cleaning and Cooking Bird

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Making a bird ready for cooking is a simple procedure, but in case anyone are uncertain of how it is done I thought I’d illustrate it. Plucking is normally the most sensible way since it contains the fats in the skin, very important nutrition for people living off the land.

Pluck the bird by pulling a few feathers at the time in the direction of the lay of the feathers. I like to pluck the breast, thighs and back first, then take the wings in the end. Some people use water when plucking, but I feel that only makes a mess. Try not to tear the skin, though it isn’t a disaster if you do. Cut off the head afterwards or leave it on if you want to.


In the front, tear out a little piece of skin and pull off the storage stommach. Cut the connecting “gut” down to the abdomen. Pull out the windpipe from the neck.


Make an incision around the anus and make a cut further up towards the breastbone. Pull out the guts. You can leave all the other organs in the bird while coocking it.


The muscle/grinding stommach can also be eaten. Cut it open and just take off the inner skin of the stommach along with the contents. Wash it properly afterwards. No other part of the bird needs washing unless a shot has pierced guts or similar.


I have found a good way of slow cooking the bird on a stick. Take a stick and leave a flexible branch on and stick it into the bird. The branch resting inside the bird will keep the stick from rotating without the bird following that action. Although I didn’t do that on this occation, I recommend tying up the wings and the legs, or they will become excessively dry.


Keep it over coals for 2-3 hours, for a chicken sized bird. Use decidious woods for the coals, beaver sticks for instance, so that any flames will not leave foul tasting soot on the skin of the bird.


This particular black grouse tasted excellently by the way, 😉



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  1. Marcon 19 Oct 2007 at 11:02 am

    Hey Torjus,

    excellent posting, very clear and practical
    when can we come over for dinner 🙂
    talk to ya soon!


  2. suburban bushwackeron 19 Oct 2007 at 11:20 am

    The other branch! the elusive obvious! that will make the whole process a lot easyer.
    good tip.

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