Oct 20 2007

Simple Net Fishing

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While a net is a security on it’s own. At this time of year you don’t really need any full sized gill nets. What you need is only 2 metres or so long net, you can even make it with a landing net. The key to this easy fishing is that the brown trout is running for the rivers and streams to spawn from August to October. This exposes the fish in a way that you can not usually experience. The trout run will at this time stand in shoals, often in shallow water. There are muliple tactics you can use to net the fish.

The quickest way is to carefully lay a net over a stream or a pond in the river. You will scare the fish standing right next to you, but if you don’t make too much commotion, you will not scare the ones close by. Chase the fish by throwing rocks into the side where you expect most of the fish to stand or wade into the stream yourself. The latter is most effective in small streams. Voila, you should have fish in your net. The capacity of the gill net will quickly be exhausted and the net will turn into something looking like a rope. All the remaining fish will escape. Because of this I really prefer to fence the stream and use a landing net instead, but I didn’t have such one this time. I will illustrate this method with some photos.

Photo 1: Chasing the fish.


Photo 2: Net with fish in.


Photo 3: Closeup of the net with fish in it.


The second method is a variety of seine netting. Except you use only a regular gill net. You tie the net to land in one end and start walking around the pond. This only works in round ponds and the net’s capacity will probably max out at around 30 fish. But you can take several turns of course. I have taken several hundreds in one day, fishing like this. For this method you need a longer net.

The third method is to simply block the river or stream and wait over night. It might provide you a few fish. A recommendable, passive way of getting food. But it might provide too few fish for survival on it’s own.

Happy fishing!



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  1. Marcon 20 Oct 2007 at 9:56 am

    Hi Torjus,

    again very informative with very nice pictures
    you must be overloaded with information and ideas from these three weeks of training yourself, you sures ound like that – GREAT!
    funny that you write about this particular topic since we talked about netmaking yesterday too; maybe you wnat to add that page with the information on netmaking for the true die-hards among us?

    see ya soon!


  2. Taraon 20 Oct 2007 at 12:17 pm

    You have a great blog! I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before.

    I’m sorry if you’ve already posted this and I’m missing it, but what country are you in?

  3. adminon 20 Oct 2007 at 12:55 pm

    Thank you both!

    Marc, I might put up something about net making soon. The backlog is pretty huge, so I don’t think I will run out of materials for a month or more.

    Hi Tara, the country is Norway.

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