Oct 10 2007

Softening in the sun

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Cold morning, but nice day. Didnt manage to tan the roe hide until today. It turned out nice and soft. But I did the worst sewing job in the world. I need thinner needles. Tommorow I will smoke it as well as the fox. Dinner is marrow and potatoes also today.


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  1. Marcon 10 Oct 2007 at 10:05 pm

    Hi Torjus,

    hide looks very good! Did a very g ood job there man!
    It’s great to see you have such discipline and endurance. I bet those two are skills you allready posess and have helped you through the difficult days you had at the end of your first week. Again, you are a great inspiration for me, and I am greatfull that you allow all of us to follow your steps and learn so much.
    Hope you have a warm safe place to sleep. Are you still in the tipi or staying in your parents farm?

    Take care!


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