Nov 21 2007

Burdock Experiments

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I have yet to try cooking burdock roots, but I hear it’s delicious. Next time I might take some roots back home with me to give it a try. Where I come from burdock is virtually nonexistant. I have seen it once I believe, but it doesn’t grow there anymore. So when I found a few plants here in Trondheim I decided to gather a bunch of seed heads to cultivate it back home.


The seed heads are spikey and will attach to clothes and fur, which is their spreading strategy. The seeds will drop out while you walk, potentially dispersing them over a wide area. Instead of burying the whole seed heads, I decided on separating them. I found that rubbing a whole bunch of seed heads between my palms would make them stick together and release the majority of the seeds after some pulling and crushing. The chaffes would lock together so I put them together, I think this might be the new in kettle brushing… hehe. Plenty of seeds here, according to, they are best sown in situ in the autumn, but I’ll see if I plant them in December, if there isn’t frost in the ground that is.



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  1. Marcon 21 Nov 2007 at 11:53 pm

    Ah burdock – we have that here closeby
    I wouldn’t dream however to harvest and eat the roots
    there is a big highway just closeby

    but a good tip indeed

    sleep well 😉

  2. Pabloon 22 Nov 2007 at 2:57 pm

    We added some to a stew recently. Wonderful taste.

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