Nov 11 2007

Fishing Line Winder

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This type of winder, of inuit design, is quite practical, has a lot of capacity and is easy to make. The material is the lower portion of a male reindeer antler of medium size.


First, cut the main stem off. You groove all the way around with a saw or a burin, use water to make it go easier. Cut it off a little over the point where the branch goes out.


When you are almost through the outher wall and into the pith, hit it over an edged rock to break it off.


Next, clean up the front. Not strictly necessary, but you if you don’t, chances are you’ll experience frequent entangling. Saw a groove around these small tines to faciliate easy removal.


When through to the pit, support them on an edged rock and strike the tine with a rock to break them off.


Clean up the edges by scraping with a flake or by grinding on a rock.


Here it is: A winder with nettle cordage on.



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  1. Marcon 11 Nov 2007 at 4:11 pm

    amazing Torjus…
    looks very good
    how long does the nettle cordage hold?
    and how much weight can it have from a fish?

    amazing indeed…

    greetz, MArc

  2. adminon 11 Nov 2007 at 9:20 pm

    Thanks Marc

    How strong it is depends on how thick it is… But nettle is as a rule quite strong. Like linen. This cordage would hold the fish as shown in the trap earlier easily.


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