Nov 27 2007

Ice Spike

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A new prototype on an ice spike is ready. The last one worked fairly well, but it fell off into the water and it was just too much work making a new one. This one is simpler and based on archeological evidence. It’s made from a dried moose leg bone. I left most of the membranes on, to preserve as much integrity as possible.

First, score around the piece, in a diagonal fasion, to achieve a weaker link so to say. It doesn’t have to be so deep.


Next, support the closest end on something and strike off the end with a hammerstone, club or similar.


Stake out the marrow with a willow stick and hot water.


Grind it sharp.


The last problem is of course the hafting, a problem that neither I or the archaeologists have solved yet. I have some ideas though…



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