Nov 07 2007

Netted Fishing Trap

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Before excitement over a potentially epic tutorial grabs you I would like to mention that this is purely a demonstration of the use and a display of the success we have had with this trap. I have never made such a trap and probably never will, it’s too much work.

The trap consists of a number of rings with a funnel on each ring. It is emptied by untying the hind end. All of the fish is usually found in the innermost chamber. Two leading nets guide the trout into the trap. It is extremely important that one completely blocks all possible bypass routes around or underneath the net, or your catch will be significantly reduced.


The stream where we use this trap most of the autumn is rather unsubstantial, but still my father caught in excess of 2000 spawning brown trout in about one and half month last year. This year we set it a little too late in the season, and the total catch was around 500. The two times I emptied the trap, there was 46 and 97. In this we do not count the fish that are of bigger size, they we release back into the stream. Reducing the population is the objective of the fishing, not food. They would make good food, although lean, but we don’t have the capacity or stommachs for taking care of all of this fish. Here is a photo of the inner chamber being emptied on the ground. The other photo is of the catch one of the days.



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  1. Owenon 10 Nov 2007 at 9:57 am

    impressive catch!

  2. Sofie Thyboon 29 Jan 2020 at 10:53 pm

    Using a bow and light at night. Night bowfishing tournaments do not require a permit in the Northwest Region. By netting and impounding at night from Sept. 1 to May 1 in specified waters of Northwest Florida. Nets used to take nongame fish (typically suckers) in these specified waters must be less than 100 feet in length, have a minimum 3-inch stretched mesh and shall be continuously attended to ensure immediate release of any trapped game fish. Contact the Northwest Regional office for details.

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