Nov 17 2007

Stone Axe Modified Part One 1

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Most embarrasingly I often have projects that span years, even if they are quite simple. This project for instance is a pecked and ground axe celt that I started around 2 years ago. Making a celt handle is something I rarely have the time to do, so I decided to modify the axe head to accomodate a different type of hafting. Here is the material, a celt axe head and a quartzite pebble to peck with.


The pecking is done around the whole head, particular attention kept to the top and the bottom, since they will be the two most important points of connection to the handle. Pecking is done in a light motion, no force put into it, only the weigth of the stone is used. Don’t peck too deep and use the sharpest possible edge to keep work and risk of fracture at a minimum.


It’s that simple, the earlier processes in axe head construction can be found here. I will demonstrate hafting one of the nearest days.


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  1. Jayeon 17 Nov 2007 at 9:17 pm

    The axe head you have made is identical to one that my Grandfather found in the Canadian Prairies, in the early 1920’s. He found several axe heads of various construction on his land. Some were very bulky and rough, more like crushing hammers than axes, and others were shaped and pecked to have a cutting edge.

    Are you sure you are not 125 yrs old?

    Keep up the great work – I am Swedish/Norwegian by blood, so I am very interested in your blog.


  2. Marcon 17 Nov 2007 at 9:56 pm

    With help of a dictionary 😉 and looking back at the other post I read this new amazing article; sometiems I just wonder, Torjus, how on earth you have developped all these skills so well. This wil brobably becoem a very good and strong axe. It was made with such precision and craft, that must work out well. I wonder, what materials do you expect to use it for and how long do you think the stone will last?

    amazing indeed!!!



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