Dec 28 2007

First Sewing, Child Mittens w/Thumbs

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I’ve finally started on the second pair of mittens. And I’m surprised how well it goes. After I made the patterns and cut out the fur and buckskin it’s really just a matter of thinking it through. I’m not going to reprint the patterns, since that would be almost a total rip off from this book. I have now sewed up the thumbs on both hands. The rest should be piece of cake.



  • Make an extra stitch in the corner of the thumb for extra strenght in a critical point.
  • Use broken needles or whatever to pin the piece together while sewing.
  • Pull out the fur from the seams after you have turned it. This will make the garnment look like it’s made from one single piece of skin.
  • Don’t use overhand stitches, but single (or double) running stitches. That definitely looks better on the product. And will probably make it more airproof too.


Note to self (and who it might concern) for next mitten pair: Make flat seams around the thumbs for a more comfortable fit.


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One Response to “First Sewing, Child Mittens w/Thumbs”

  1. Marcon 28 Dec 2007 at 9:14 am

    looks very good
    did your daughter try them on allready?
    nice work Torjus!!


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