Dec 23 2007

Of timeless importance

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I’m sitting here on the bus seeing an article in this woman’s magazine about someone living and breathing only for an organisation. Now, why is such an involvement sad in my eyes? Because this guy is wasting his life, serving something final. Everyone in their right minds knows that states, organisations and other constructs comes to an end. Nature is something we humans have to deal with and when the short era of fossile fuels is over, the primitive skills, the skills of the past once again will determine life or death for us. Timelessness is thus the reason for my two greatest involvements in life.


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  1. Marcon 24 Dec 2007 at 12:05 am

    That is very true Torjus, our modern time lives are soon over and almost nobody is prepared or willing to look it in the face. Collapse is close. I guess one can only do the best each person can to take care of himself and his loved ones and see how to survive.
    Have a good journey home –

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