Dec 25 2007

Report From The Winter Course 2007

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Unfortunately I got a little ill right before the course this time, resulting in lack of on site preparations. Though we experienced problems in regards to this trip, I feel that it was successful overall.

Some photos from the trip here (thanks Steve).

Positive experiences:

  • Great weather and stable snow-conditions.
  • Beautiful and remote location.
  • A socially functioning group. People worked together well.
  • Challenging conditions for people used to mostly above zero weather.
  • The participants definately learned a bit about suffering and how to cope under severe conditions.
  • Lots of interesting animal tracks.
  • We saw a golden eagle.

Needs to be improved:

  • I need either a bigger lavvo or other accommodations. For the two courses I’m doing now, those costs could not be justified however.
  • No walking the day of arrival. People are tired and need the whole day to work themselves up the hill.
  • More lessons indoors under more controlled conditions. The survival experience on it’s own is valuable, but to learn more hands on skills teaching in a dark lavvo or outside in -20C temperatures doesn’t work very well.
  • Skip the snowshoe building. Might work if all materials are supplied, but under the circumstances, where weight is an issue it isn’t a good idea.
  • I’ll be more strict on the hot brews. No brews during the day. Otherwise it takes up far to much time.
  • Make the participants bring all or most of the food. The logistics of supplying the food is otherwise too expensive and too much work.

My newfound experiences will however make future courses better and this was after all from the start an introductionary offer, so I feel they got their money worth. 🙂


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