Jan 10 2008

Ice Man Sheath

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Thank you Kevin for your lovely donation!

Inspired by Owen’s post on the ice man sheath I decided to make one for myself. I did this a while ago, but I forgot to post it on the blog. The technique is a type of knotless netting, not totally dissimilar from what Kevin is showing on his blog. I used elm bark exclusively and it is worth mentioning that it works like a charm. The knife needs to be rehafted so I’ll have to post a picture of them both at a later time.  As you can see on the photo, the lower binding has slipped off, but hasn’t lost any of it’s usefulness. I’ll probably tie it back on though, as an extra security measure.



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  1. Fenlanderon 10 Jan 2008 at 6:43 pm

    Very nice work. I shall have to try this one myself :>)

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