Jun 19 2008

Gardening and Stuff

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Down “on location” now and have been so for a few weeks. Just a simple update on what I’ve done:

  • Finished planting all the corn in the garden. A lot of the corn, sunflower and the peas are now coming up. Planted some beans and squash.
  • Unsuccessfully fired some pottery I made. The pottery was ok I think, but I was probably too impatient with the firing, raising the temperature too soon.
  • Chopped down (sorry, metal axe for the sake of speed) a few more aspens, some are to serve as main beams for the earth lodge, the rest for firewood. A second reason I have for chopping down these trees is to give the garden more sun and to give light to a few bushes of hazel that aren’t producing anymore.
  • Cut a fairly large number of spruce poles for the lodge and collected the bark for thatching.
  • Thinned out a suitable patch of forest by cutting most of the birch there. The logs I’ll use for various projects and firewood.
  • Planted 2 seeds of American Chestnut, most graciously given to me by Scott on Paleoplanet.
  • Have done some fishing, mostly with a rod, caught a number of fish.
  • Managed to overbuck a skin (first one, not fun). May still be usable for a few things I hope.
  • Made a pair of rawhide moose skin shoes (pampooties).


Corn and sunflower coming up (quite a while ago).


View from the garden.


The garden.


Skinning the spruce poles for the earth lodge.


The spruce bark laid in pressure.


The crude shoes I made (please ignore the ripped pants…).


Various scenery pics.



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  1. SurvivalTopics.comon 19 Jun 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Looks to be a nice location….I like the shoes, very primitive indeed. Completes the look!

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