Apr 26 2010

Forest Garden

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Today I have had a visitor. Bjørn (in the pic) and I have moved plums, cherries and blackcurrants to my forest garden. I will expand the variety of plants as they become available.

A forest garden is a low maintainance system mimicing the natural processes and structures of a forest. It can be established from scratch or by modifying a piece of existing forest. In this particular one I have cleared birch to make room for the food producing plants.


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One Response to “Forest Garden”

  1. notwithmeyouwonton 27 Apr 2010 at 2:09 am

    funny you mention this
    I just finished reading about this topic yesterday on several websites
    you had mentioned it once to me, long ago and I wante dto look it up again
    it is very interesting
    hope you can show us some pictures of your set-up
    and maybe tell us what you planted?


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