Apr 30 2010

More Tanning

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I’ll explain the posting situation a bit first. After I got my blackberry I found that I had to switch service provider in order to use the internet and subsequently post. What I am doing now is borrowing Bjoerns computer to post while importing photos from my phone. By Tuesday the service provider problem should be fixed and posting will go a bit easier and with more regularity.

A reindeer skin is now tanned to completion (the one on the wringing photo) and tomorrow I’ll have a go at scraping one of the moose skins in the stack here. Moose skin has great strenght, but also requires quite a bit of physical strength in order to scrape it, especially in the neck area on bulls, the grain can sit really stubbornly. I usually don’t buck the skins, but when I have that seems to ease the situation quite a bit. The reason why I don’t do it is some bad experiences with burning the skins with too strong ashes.


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3 Responses to “More Tanning”

  1. notwithmeyouwonton 02 May 2010 at 2:49 am

    Hey Torjus,

    just a practcial question
    but what do you do wth all the hides you tanned?
    I mean, I have heard tyou tanning hides since I know you
    must have tanned hundreds by now
    do you make clothes form them, or sleepingbags
    or are you even maybe trying to use them for a new selfmade tipi?

    take care!

  2. Torjus Gaarenon 02 May 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Not exactly like in the hundreds, more like 20. When I say I tan, I don’t necessarily finish every hide in one go, but one usually takes a several days. Some has gone into clothes, some into the failed project of a sleeping bag and some into bags or other useful items.

    I have probably wasted around 20 hides in experimenting with various techniques or through recklessness too. That’s the price of self-teaching.

  3. notwithmeyouwonton 03 May 2010 at 9:37 pm

    still a very good experience and definately worthwhile for the future
    what happend with the sleeping bag? I thought I remember a picture from it – thought you had succeeded…

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