May 23 2010

Dehairing Skins

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I usually don’t mess about with bucking skins, especially mouse eaten skins like these. They will be used as rawhide, probably for snowshoe lacings.

There are many ways to dehair hides. What I normally do is to leave them floating hairside up in a stream until the hairs can be rubbed off with the back of your hand. Remember to tie them up for obvious reasons. The skin soaking here was caught in a flood and looks like a mess, so in some spots it still have hairs clinging to it.

The dehaired skin is preserved by drying.

Finally there is also a photo of a new fish trap in the making. My willow is not great, but it works, with some broken stands here and there. The trap only lacks the funnel to work. Because of the distance between the rods this one will be cached by one of the mountain lakes sporting bigger, fatter fish.


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