May 28 2010

Gourd Bottle

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Until now I have relied on plastic bottles to carry and store water. Bjoern bought some gourds on e-bay and gave some to me. This bottle holds water very well and was far easier to make than I thought. With several litres capacity this is hardly a trail bottle, but I never use that anyway. For use in camp I think this one will work great.

I am happy with having a bottle of natural materials in my possession, but I need to find some way to make one out of the available materials in the area.


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  1. Deus Ex Machinaon 29 May 2010 at 10:32 pm

    I know that many indigenous people used animal stomachs and bladders as water containers, but I have never tried it. Have you?

  2. notwithmeyouwonton 30 May 2010 at 2:33 am

    Hey T,

    looks great and is always handy
    I thought too you used stomachs from animals for that –
    I thought you said when yous tarted bloggin again you woudl not be too much of a ‘nazi’ on bering perfect in traditional natural ways, in other words, a good plastic ton or container would not be a real crime 😉

    if I’d be in your position, and if my earthlodge woudl be my basecamp,
    I’d surely make some raintons also to store rainwater
    and I’d forgive myself for sneakin in a 1000L plastic container

    but then you know how much worth I lay in things like hygiene, medical stuff, health and so on …

    have a good weekend!

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