May 12 2010


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Yesterday I was a bit sloppy with the posting. Bjoern and I took Thomas to the bus and I gathered some greens and roots on the way back. Nettles, dandelion and burdock was gathered and boiled to a soup with some rendered deer fat. It tasted great!

The picture is of digging burdock with a random stick I found. Burdock seems to generally grow on quite hard clay soils and just using a random stick is not optimal. I usually utilize beaver sticks for this purpose, but there was none available. And… If you have long hair, stay away from the seedhusks! If not careful a haircut might easily be your only way out…

Dandelion is very nutritious and quite good if grown in shade and one only uses the young, smooth leaves.

Nettles are very tasty and doesn’t sting as much this early in the year. After flowering the become practically inedible.


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