May 21 2010

Hunting the Trout

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Fishing with nets in summer is rarely very productive. In June and July the water is so warm that the trout doesn’t move about much. Except in severe weather the nights are so bright that they also see the nets. In June the fish still takes bait, but in July they usually don’t.

During this time, cruising the shores with a bow or a spear in mornings and evenings can be quite productive. The fish is often close to the bank then and by carefully sneaking up you can get close enough to hit it. Move silently in the shade. If the trout sees movements on shore they will usually swim out into deeper water.

This spear is a quickly made one based on a Saami design. Being all wood it is easy to sharpen or replace when the tips are broken on rocks. The spear prongs are juniper, which is exceptionally dry even when fresh and sharpens well. It is bound to a birch shaft with willow bark.


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