May 27 2010

New Moccasins

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After going barefeet for a couple of weeks I eventually worked up the motivation to make another pair of moccasins. Same pattern as the last one and also this one of moose hide. This evening I might resole the other ones so I’ll have two pairs to switch between.

Also smoking two reindeer hides at the moment. I don’t like this method of smoking skins (might not be doing a very good hanging and sewing job). Reindeer skins are, although very thin, very dense, so they don’t smoke easily I find. I will try another setup next time.

A little about the coming summer. If I remember correctly there is a saying here that says (roughly translated): Ash before oak gives warmth. Oak before ash gives rain. This year the few oaks I have been observing are already in more or less full leaf. The ash is still quite far from being so.


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