May 20 2010

Spring Fishing

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When I arrived yesterday I noticed that there were trout going up the streams. Unlike in autumn, when they go up in large shoals, these are solitary fish going upstream to catch whatever have washed out of the streambed during the recent spring flood. They will continue with this behaviour after every major rainfall throughout the summer, but not to the extent as now.

Fish in streams are very easy to catch by far simpler means than in a lake. A simple spear would have been sufficient although often I just catch them with my hands when they are hiding between rocks. This time however, I decided to set a fish trap I made a couple of years ago. It is in need of repair, so a couple managed to escape.

When fencing in the trap, make sure there are no fish sized holes in the wall or I can assure you that they’ll rather use them than your trap. Attention to detail is of outmost importance when getting food off the land. I am constantly reminded that sloppyness and carelessness will only make you hungry.


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