Jul 07 2010

Book Recommendations

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These three books have profoundly affected how I look upon our world. I might have mentioned them before, but I feel they’re so important that I’ll mention them again.

“Edible Forest Gardens” explains very well the ecology of a forest, the life involved and the dynamics of it. It gives you a theoretical background on how we potentially could incorporate all life into our lives.

“Tending the Wild” tells us how the native Californians used various methods, especially fire, to make their lands more habitable to themselves and increase the variety of species in the environment. These kinds of techniques were at some point utilized over much of the world and the details here will provide many pointers on how to make our landscapes far more productive. My most important lesson from this book: We are part of nature and as long as we treat our fellow beings with respect they will share their lives with us for all time to come.

“Journey to the Ancestral Self” guides you through how to reconnect with most aspects of yourself in the context of animals, birds, plants, rocks and all the other ones in this world. To me, this is the most important book I have ever read.

In regards to what is happening, I have been a bit lazy on the posting, poor mobile reception sometimes gets in in the way too. The course this weekend went fine I think and I might make a separate post on it at some point. Over the next days I will try to finish my earthlodge and update with pictures of it when I’m done.


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  1. notwithmeyouwonton 08 Jul 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Hi Torjus!

    looking forward to finally see some news on the earthlodge
    thrilled to see the pictures
    are you planning to live in it now?

    greetings and take care!

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