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Aug 06 2010

Gathering Season

Now is the time when many materials are at their prime. Nettles are one of them. I want to make quite a bit of fishing line this winter and maybe some other stuff so I’ll be gathering loads!

Berry season is peaking in September with cloudberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries being ripe now.

A bit more was built on the earthlodge two days ago, but my wounded foot has assigned me to resource gathering for now.

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Aug 03 2010

Back Home

After far too long elsewhere I can now resume my projects back home. The earth lodge has priority, along with gathering materials that will be used later this winter for crafts and repairs.

Today I gathered Juncus rush (unknown species) for baskets. Later, after the stands die off for the winter I will burn them, hoping for even better growth next year.

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