Oct 05 2010

Base of Operations

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Up until now, I have used my parent’s farm as storage facility and emergency sanctuary. Since I am relatively new at this and still do quite a few mistakes, I need somewhere to retreat to if I discover severe shortcomings in my equipment.

To have a spot where I can do the formerly mentioned, grow a few vegetables and house people on courses I have bought a small, abandoned farm. It is very small (about 4 acres) with two houses on the property, in dire need of renovation. This will be something that I’ll do as get the time and money. The plus sides of the smallholding is that it is situated quite close to where I usually hunt and fish. It was also cheap.

My kids are currently visiting, so we were out testing a new landing net. This is one of the ways I use it. The current stretches out the net bag and you drive the fish down from above. This is called “mære” in the local dialect. We only caught two small ones, but it was good fun. This wasn’t in a very active stream. All the good streams and rivers are virtually unfishable at the moment due to very high rainfall over the last days. When it recedes I’ll start the big autumn fishing for spawning trout.


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