Oct 03 2010

End of Reindeer Season

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After the moose hunting season started, the reindeer were gone from the forests and I had to venture far into the mountains to seek them out. I went into an area which I had never been before and found two herds. There were some huge bulls, but they’re inedible at this time (due to mating season), even dogs will not eat them.

Up in the high mountains, finding cover is not very easy, but if one moves in the shadows and pay attention to the wind direction one can still get very close. On several occations I was down to 15 metres of some animals, all the way down to 3 metres one time. With a bow I could have exploited this opportunity, but due to the danger of shooting into the horizon with a rifle, I had to wait until they had moved down below me. In the cover of some rocks, I shot one calf. The herd ran some 40 metres and I had to sneak around again and by keeping my head low I managed to get into the middle of the herd and shot another calf.

If I had a scope I could easily have filled the rest of my quota on this occation, but part of the experience I find is to get close to the animals before I pull the trigger.

After this, the herd ran out of range. I decided to carry down one calf and submerge the other one in a pool to keep it out of reach from foxes and ravens.

While this was the major event for me, since the last posting, my brother and two of his friends were also hunting birds and we did some chase netting. 24 trout being the result on that occation.

The lemmings are still numerous, although not as much as in August, I killed a few and ate them. Conterary to local belief, they are not poisonous and are actually very tasty!

Winter is showing it’s first signs, ice on the lakes and small snowfalls marks this new time to come.


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  1. FlyontheLeafon 04 Oct 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Hi Torjus,
    Looks like you had a good hunting season.
    I was wondering how for how long can you keep an animal submerged like that until the meat starts to spoil? I read somewhere that neaderthals also used this technique in the past. (I might be wrong).
    You look alot skinnier then the other hunters in the pic.
    I also enjoyed the scenery pics.
    Thanks for sharing the experience.

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