Oct 10 2010

Some Crafts

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Since I’ve had my kids visiting, I haven’t really been able to go on any long trips. So I have done some crafts instead. A pretty big burden basket of willow is one of them, a spoon is another. I don’t have a crook knife or spoon knife I burnt out the bowl in the spoon instead of carving it. Although the basket isn’t perfect, it’s my best so far. To a large extent I used Jon’s excellent tutorial to make it.

Also been doing some experimentation with twining some large juncus rush I found. No pictures available yet as there are a few things I have yet to figure out about the process.

The water is receding a bit after the floodlike conditions that prevailed here early this week, which makes fishing easier. Haven’t done any large scale fishing yet, have caught a few dozen with the landing net and a spear. On the occation of this picture, my oldest girl was less than thrilled about posing with this freshly killed trout.


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