Oct 17 2010

Traditional Fishing Course Completed

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This weekend I have been running a course in making traditional fishing gear and using traditional techniques to catch brown trout. Unfortunately there was only one participant, but hopefully that will be better next time.

First a little about the weather. The last two days it’s been between -5 and -10 C, so the lakes have frozen over, making for beautiful scenery, but difficult crossing of lakes and seine net pulling.

The crafts that were covered was: Netting, making a bone hook and a fish spear.

The techniques that were used taught were: Chasing fish into a landing net, using fish trap, “dances with fishes”, tickling, spearing and using a seine net.

In addition, cleaning fish and preparing them for drying was covered.

We made quite a good catch. Bjørn Erik got four fish with the “dances with fishes” method in short order. This method involves charging into the river, stepping on and kicking the fish so it gets confused then grab it as it wedges into a tight spot, like inbetween two rocks. The short sequence of photos of the badly dressed guy (hehe) is meant to illustrate the method.

Catch with the use of landing net: 27

Catch with hand fishing methods: 16

Catch with the seine net: 314

Catch using other methods: 6

Unfortunately I’m almost completely out of cash so I’ll have to work in the city for a couple of months. My plan is to live outside anyway though. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to update the blog every now and then.


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