Dec 31 2010

Happy New Year!

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Happy 1929… Sorry, 2011!

Since I’ve spent most of my time in the city with my kids this Christmas, I haven’t been doing a lot of practical stuff except gathering some seeds for my forest garden and cutting up some antler for various future projects. Done a ton of research however and pretty much finalized the website mentioned in the previous blog post.

To have something to show you I present to you two caps I made for my daughters last year. They’re made from reindeer fur, made to look like the behind of a reindeer with the tail sticking out the back of the head. Unfortunately they refuse to use them in public and one of them is a bit off size and has to be modified before it can be put to use. In this picture my youngest daughter is wearing one of them and is holding the other one in her hands.

Hope you’ll all have a fantastic new year! 😀


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