Jan 11 2011

Out again

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It’s taken a while to build up motivation to get back out again this time. Also, I have spent almost all day, every day reading and planning my new forest garden. But now I have set up camp at my farm. It is good to get an intimate feel of the site and also start using some of the trees for things I need, since so much needs to be cleared anyway.

A delivery of 20 reindeerskins (with legskins) is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, so then I’ll be rather busy with scraping skins.

The snow is currently quite deep and plus degrees over the last days has made it a bit wet wet. I hope that changes soon!

Got hold of an expedition telephone, with insane battery capacity, writing the blog through it is possible, but not very quick… I will update with some photos when I have something I want to share, even if I don’t write anything.


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