Feb 03 2011

A Quick Update

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Thomas has great lessons to teach all of us. I don’t know of anyone, in any trade, business, hobby or whatever that is as dedicated as he is to the old ways (maybe I know a couple of TV slaves who are almost equally dedicated…).

So, after I’ve been scraping a large stack of skins for weeks I am soon to leave to Trondheim and work again. As usually I have put myself into work that has kept me away from what I really wanted to do… There hasn’t been time for as much trapping as I imagined. A few realisations I have come to:
– Business ambitions (getting out of the endless circle of freedom and wage-slavery, is the reason why I have it) and commitments keep me from doing what I want.
– Buying things requires money, like this reindeer skin order also ties me down. Being extremely cheap and adaptable will give me more learning experiences, more free time and less periodically timeconsuming chores like the one I do now.
– Although reindeer skins are very warm, there are other more waterproof solutions (it can be very wet here at times) out there. Birch, elm, juniper and willow bark is all locally available. This area has a high species diversity, with no naturally dominating species (f.i. all the four native deer species can be found in this valley from time to time), thus it makes sense to mix and match from various animal species and use plants to a greater degree. This area is truely a generalist’s dream, which is why I love it so.

Yeah, and one thing. I need to start working more methodically. Fewer materials available, narrows down the options, which is good for someone who would like to try everything… Like me…

PS! In addition to the skins I have finished a number of craft projects. I might make an update to show those later.


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