Mar 09 2011


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A while ago, when I came to the city again to look for work, my modern jacket had this horrible draft down the  neck, one of the worst places. To remedy this, I made a fur collar out of some leftover belly fur from reindeer. Works marvelously and easily gets too warm.

From last year’s making of clothing I still have a lot of leftovers. I wanted to try to reduce that pile while making something useful out of it. The bag is made out of exactly 50 individual pieces.

All of this sewing takes considerable amounts of thread and I ran out of good length sinew as I was working. This happens occasionally and I then twine longer two ply string out of the shorter pieces of sinew. Normally I just roll a bundle of long strands to one single ply string. When making the string I gently wet the strand(s) with saliva to make it loose it’s memory. And then I let it dry for a few minutes before using the thread. Otherwise it will usually split and break during sewing.

The plan was originally to use this bag as a first aid kit, but I think I’ll use it as a bag for tucking away sewing projects in progress.


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  1. Thomason 12 Mar 2011 at 5:12 am

    Hey Torjus,

    I´m continually inspired by your sole use of sinew for sewing projects. I´ve been a little lazy with all this artificial sinew available 😉

  2. Maton 19 Mar 2011 at 1:31 am

    Hi Torjus,
    From this and your previous posts it sounds like reindeer clothing is extremely warm, even in the cold northern winters. I have very little experience with primitive/stone age skills in general, and never tanned a skin before(although I’ve made rawhide in the past), and was wondering if process of tanning with hair on is much different then hair off?
    PS Hope your winter wasn’t too harsh – it was nice and cold here in Canada this year, with lots of snow. It does seem like spring is on its way here now, although night temperature occasionally drops to -10c.

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