Apr 19 2011


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This year, spring and winter seem to be switching back and forth a lot in the Northwoods…

Here are some pictures from a trip I recently took to a remote wilderness area. The picture above shows a natural grassy meadow on the floodplain of a creek.

Grassy knolls are the first to thaw up in the sunlight. The creek is still frozen over.

A beaver colony that ran out of food took advantage of an open creek and started cutting some new vegetation.

This spot seems to be a popular site for an otter. I observed her as she came up out of the waterhole, wallowing herself in the snow on the other side of the creek and basking in the sunlight. Otters are very playful creatures and fun to watch. Upon closer examination I also found that this spot was also used as an “otter toilet” with some of the scat dating back to earlier in the winter.

With warming temperatures the last of the snow melted off and the lakes started thawing up.

A few days later…snow covers the ground again, and it keeps snowing. Yet the creek shown here was open enough to be paddled.

With the approaching spring, I´ll be immersed in the woods with a few other people. My plan is to be there for most of the summer (not being around computers etc. for that time) so updates will be very sporadic (if i find someone to post them for me) or not happening till later this summer.


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  1. jon 29 Apr 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Otters??? FABULOUS!!!

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