Jun 17 2011


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Very rarely I take photos of the wildlife I see. But a while ago I got a few opportunities when my camera was virtually already in my hands.

This kit beaver was feeding in the margins of a pool in the river. It took a while before it noticed me and I got pretty close.

This common European viper was highly energized from laying in the sun through the morning. They usually make themselves home on dry ground and rocky areas, but are usually not found in relatively fresh clearcuts because of the many ant nests usually found there for the first 10-20 years. Ants will gang up on and kill any viper they come over and consume it in their nest. This is the only venomous snake in Norway and although the bite is not usually lethal to healthy adults, I keep a respectful distance.

And finally a Norway lemming, a common prey of the formerly mentioned snake in years of abundance. An animal subject to enormous fluctuation in population and generally very important to the ecology of the mountains. This is appearantly the second lemming year in a row, something which I have never heard of before.




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  1. Emilon 02 Jul 2011 at 12:18 am

    You live in such a beautiful world.

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