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Jan 23 2012

Traditional lifestyles…

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There aren’t too many places left on this planet where people life a more simple life, subsisting mainly on what the land provides. I recently came across a documentary about a village in central Siberia called “Happy People – A Year in the Taiga” where this is true to some degree: ancient traps exist next to snowmobiles.

Some of you may know it already – the english version is now available on the internet (just click on the picture below to watch it)

The russian original is a four part documentary with much more footage (though without translation) and can be found here:


Speaking of documentaries of “modern” examples of traditional lifestyles, there is a documentary called “Cree Hunters of Mistassini” that shows several Cree families back in the 70’s that moved into the bush for their winter hunting and trapping. Highly recommended.

There are, of course, a number of other documentaries about that subject (though many of them are not available for free on the internet like the two mentioned above).

“Year of the Caribou” is another one I can definitely recommend. It shows a family who moved into a remote part of interior Alaska to live off the land (the DVD is available for sale online).

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