Oct 31 2013

New Fish Trap in Action

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This summer I made a new willow fish trap. It’s woven from shoots, with the funnel as a seperate part. There is no hatch to remove the fish, but the funnel is tied off and the trap emptied from the front.

The weir is constructed in a bit of a wedge shape from rather small stones. If the current is heavier you’ll need bigger stones. Even if the weir overflows a bit or seeps through, it doesn’t affect it’s use much. Any fish sized holes has to be closed though, and it’s particularily important to close well with stones around the trap itself.

Took around 500 trout in this trap during the spawn run. Capacity record for one night was 66. That was achieved through walking in from below to scare extra fish into the trap and lifting it onto land before they were able to return. To increase the capacity further the chamber in the back would have to be enlargened. Some of the smaller fish were also slipping in between the willow as it got softer with moisture. To remedy this problem I could have twined more closely.

fishtrap2 fishtrap1


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  1. Alyoshaon 05 Dec 2013 at 2:38 pm


    Thanks for posting Torjus! Inspires me to get our traps here in N.WI up and running for the sucker-run next spring!

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